Ask Nocturne
Why are Shaco and Fiddlestick listed as your ally and friend?

It may have to do with the fact that we’re all chaotic evil, or something close. I’ll let you followers decide that. I’m just me, and that me likes to slice things up.

Be as terrifying as possible

There will be no light in your days, anonymous, for your kind had tormented many souls. Afraid of the dark? You will be. Humans fear what they cannot know or see, and that is what darkness is: the absence of sight and knowledge. You shall tremble in fear as the unknown, just as your name suggests, washes over you consumes you. What a fitting end. As you grasp the area around you, you hear it. You don’t know what it is, but it is definitely there. And you do not like it. It will tear at everything you hold dear, and you will only know it by ear. The screams of your loved ones. And then…


All is calm.

And when you have fully embraced the idea that it is over, that is when I will rip your body to shreds. Slowly, and painfully. Scream.

Embrace the darkness.

You seem to have been busy, are you hiding in the shadows?

That’s one way to put it. Riot tricked me into following the Feral Flare’s light, but it burned me after they nerfed it. I need time to recover in these shadows…

Do you want to kill everyone who has imprison you?

Oh, you know very well how true this is. Perhaps someone should unshackle me…


I have absolutely no shame left

(I won my first placement match…)


I have absolutely no shame left

(I won my first placement match…)

Well now.

Another one? I quite like this.

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B-b-but, I admire you. I’m like your fanboy D: Will you ever be my friend or at least appreciate the fact I admire you!?

…at least refer to me as “Nocturne-senpai” if you’re going to grovel. 

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I love you Noc bby, marry me please ♥
(Still testing my voice/audio posts out)
OOC: I miss you guys.

If I get some more questions, I’ll answer with AUDIO POSTS

I had a nightmare today with you!

And you survived? …It seems I need to make like Kha’zix and sharpen my claws…